BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing

July 2020, COVID-19 Updates:

Thank you to all who have come to spend time with us since our May 11th reopening , your trust in us means the world. Maybe you’ve chosen to wait a bit—we respect and understand that—we thank you for being so kind to our Front Desk Ambassadors when rescheduling for the future. Thank you for wearing your masks, for calling ahead before you enter, for being so flexible and patient with the changes required to safely cut and color your hair right now. Thank you for your smiles, (we can see them in your eyes!) for the brightness in our day conversation with you brings, for prioritizing us in your now-changed budgets. Thank you for coming to see us in such unconventional times of day. An 8:15pm haircut? Unheard of! As of June 16th, we have returned to our Tuesday-Saturday schedule.

Through July 31, 2020, we will continue to charge a $3 sanitation fee to each person receiving a service.

If you have not yet been into the salon since our May reopening, we would like to remind you of our new policies and procedures in light of the pandemic.

To comply with Department of Health regulations and to ensure the safest environment possible for all who enter our space, here are a few things to note if preparing for a visit to BUNGALOW/8:


  • Each person in our building, whether providing or receiving a service, is required to wear a mask or face covering. We recommend a mask that secures behind the ears rather than one that fastens around the head, so we may better access your hair. If you’re receiving a haircolor service, keep in mind that if using a reusable mask, you may experience staining to your mask. We will do our best to minimize this. We do have masks available if you are in need of one.
  • In this time, please do not bring guests to your appointment so we may limit traffic flow in the space
  • Our beverage service is temporarily discontinued. Additionally, we’ve removed magazines and other porous items that cannot be sanitized from the salon floor.
  • No member of our team will be permitted to be in our space if showing COVID-19 symptoms or with a fever. We ask that if you are experiencing ANY symptoms: shortness of breath, fever, cough, chills, headache, sore throat, you reschedule your appointment for a later date. There will be no fee or penalty for rescheduling.
  • If any member of your household has recently tested positive for COVID-19 or is exhibiting symptoms, we ask that you reschedule your appointment for a later date.
  • We encourage you to use a credit/debit card to pay for your service at this time, to minimize touch transactions.
  • When arriving at your appointment, please wait in your car outdoors and call (402)934-8727 to let us know you’ve arrived. We will let you know when your hairdresser is ready, to minimize gathering in our front entrance.


Thank you endlessly for your support during our closure, your patience with us in rescheduling, and your kindness in this uncharted territory. We couldn’t be more grateful that you’ve chosen BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing.


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